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Best of Bull Run 2013: #1 - Danny White and the NYBI

With over 1100 articles published in 2013 and so many iconic moments this year, the second annual Best of Bull Run list was even harder to narrow down than last year.

The constant of 2013 was that Danny White made news seemingly everyday. No story was bigger in 2013 than Danny White. He made it his business to be in front of anything that happened. He came in like a hurricane, and gave not a second thought to the waves he made or the institutions he destroyed. He's gambling that his changes will pay dividends, and most of Bull Run is happy to see things change, because were ready to ascend to bigger and better things.

Early rumors to a rebrand led to jokes...until the jokes kinda came true. Danny White moved UB games to the Fan, White extended Quinn, fired Reggie, moved the final football game of the year to Ralph Wilson Stadium and secured a UB game in Brooklyn's Barclays Arena.

Then the NY Bulls thing happened but we didn't really feel it until the Bull was removed from Alumni Arena, and in it's place, a giant New York State. White then created a concert series aimed at creating buzz for home games. At Bull run we said enough is enough with the hype machine. White don't care. He kept on going.

Even after the Alumni Arena makeover, many thought that would be the end of White's NY imperialism. There is no end. The next casuality to the #NYBI was the jerseys, which got a big New York bumper sticker on the front.

Every move was fought by the two camps of Bulls fans...those open to change (and those who followed White like gospel) and those reluctant to change (along with the Buffalo-pride sect, Syracuse fans, and those who take any reason to attack the Bulls, along with the Buffalo news).

In the end, whether your jersey says New York or not, it's more important how you play on the field. Danny White fever died down during UB's 7 game football winning streak. Fake Danny White filled the void, and the White Death was invented.

The year ends with much uncertainty for Danny White. He would have won the game if:

  • His coach Jeff Quinn won the MAC East in his big publicity stunt at Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • Quinn won the MAC and got invited to a non-December 21st Bowl Game
  • Hurley and the Bulls defeated Manhattan in Brooklyn
  • Quinn wins a Bowl Game
Alas, the Bulls lost at the Ralph, and then were embarrassed in a Bowl Game on the same day as the BasketBulls choked the game away in Brooklyn.

Danny White still has a lot of work to do.