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Time to eat some crow..

I jumped up and down when White took over. I was wrong on White.

Here we are in the throes of summer and the UB Athletic department is getting press. That is something that rarely happens in these parts in early August. TBN decides the throw new Athletic Director White under the bus for the firing of a coach who had a 14 year run with a overall record of 197 - 225 (.467) and MAC record 96 - 142 (.403). White had no connection or ties to Reggie. TBN then decides on a slow Sunday sports day to have a headline story on Coach Hurley which includes a large full color picture collage and accompanying full story. The article drools over how great of a basketball person Hurley is. "Bred for Success!"

Enough about basketball because my first love is UB football. I went off the deep end when I initially heard the news that White locked up Quinn to a long extension. It boggled my mind why White would extend a head coach with a 9 -27 (.330) and MAC 6 - 18 (.330) record in his first three seasons. I decided to not be a fan of White. The latest on the Quinn extension is a mystery that I would like to get clarification on. From what is to believed, the contract has yet to be signed. Again guessing based on the little information being released. I want to believe (oh please be true) that the contract has outs for UB if Quinn stays on the same path. If that is the case then I want to formally apologize to White for blowing a gasket when I heard Quinn was locked in for a long-long time.

This season scares the hell out of me. Why? This team should have a monumental year. A year that let's fans like myself allow the down seasons to rebuild be bearable. This is the year where a majority of all the pieces are in place. Solid D with playmakers, strong kicking, and offense with a runner who will be near or at the top when his career is over and a wide receiver who just gets open and catches the ball. Again, it comes down to Licata but I have faith. Bo will take big pressure off Joe and second down and four is way better than third and eleven. I have seen nothing as of yet to have any faith in this coaching staff. But if UB does stumble this year on the football field, then I do not want to imagine the next two to three years watching the Bulls if Quinn is at the helm.

White will have his hands full if UB does not win six plus games this year. I cannot see White having the faith in Quinn if he was unable to secure a bowl bid this year as compared to the next few. How can you let a coach stay? A new coach will provide a spark for the fan base and for the team.

White is working feverishly to bring UB to new level. Plans to make UB stadium a destination. Big name to run the basketball program, UB talk on a major radio in NYC, and last but not least rebranding UB to encompass all of New York State. Have you watched a Yankee game lately? Did you catch the Syracuse adds in Yankee Stadium? Wonder why the Jets and Giants come upstate for training camp? It is the same reason that White is looking beyond Buffalo for support. Sure it stings at first to push the Buffalo name to the side. I for one travel constantly and very proud to say I am from Buffalo. Not Niagara Falls, not Grand Island, not Upstate NY, but Buffalo.

I also like that White has partnered with a new sports radio station that allows more individuals to gain information on the team. Great move by both UB and The Fan - 1270 AM. I am not delusional in the fact that the competing radio station has the Sabres and Bills, still for a person like me who can listen about the Bulls, it is wonderful

Mr. White, I appreciate that you are not from Buffalo. Not being from Buffalo maybe is the best thing to happen to UB sports. Not having the mental limitations Buffalo often imposes itself with. I appreciate your work lifting up UB now and where you want it to be. I really hope you are here long enough and given the support needed. I for one would love the feeling on not being able to get 35 extra tickets to a football game.

I wish you good luck and well aware that if you do succeed then you will be gone (probably to Duke!) I will be upset you're leaving but then thanking you for all that you have done for UB. Stop reading this Mr. AD, you have a big job to complete.