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Forever A Bull

NFL Draft 2019 Buffalo Bulls Center James O’Hagan signs as a UDFA with the Giants

NFL Draft 2019 Buffalo Bulls Defensive Lineman Chuck Harris signs as an UDFA with Chicago

NFL Draft 2019 Buffalo Bulls Tyree Jackson Picked up as an UDFA by the Buffalo Bulls

NFL Draft Profile - James O'Hagan

NFL Draft Profile - Chuck Harris

NFL Draft Profile - Tyree Jackson

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Wes Clark and Mitchell Watt to face off on Dec. 16

I just noticed that Mitchell Watt's Umana Reyer Venezia willl play Wes Clark's Happy Casa Brindisi on December 16th. I haven't found a way to watch, but I am interested to see how they do against one another. The return game is on April 7th.

Bulls in the NFL: Week 3 update

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Javon McCrea writes guidelines for overseas athletes

Wes Clark signs pro contract with Italy’s New Basket Brindisi

The UB star of one semester is headed overseas to make money playing ball

Senior Day 2018: Wes Clark

Senior Day 2018: Ikenna Smart

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Chargers: No. 2 job is Oliver's to lose

Russell Cicerone called up to Portland Timbers senior squad for US Open Cup Fourth Round

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90 Players in 90 days: Jordan Johnson

Our sister site Buffalo Rumblings did a piece on former Bulls RB and potential Bills practice squad player Jordan Johnson

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Khalil Mack expected to be highest paid non-QB in the NFL