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University Rebranding

After a six-month process, Danny White unveiled his rebranding plan for the Buffalo Bulls today. The University originally know as the University of Buffalo, has gone by the University at Buffalo, or SUNY Buffalo since joining the State University of New York. The athletics program was branded simply as the Buffalo Bulls until now...

The athletics program will now be known as Southern Ontario-Western New York at Erie Coast Blue Bulls.

Southern Ontario is in the name to emphasize UB's ties to the large Toronto media market, highlighted by UB's 2009 International Bowl appearance. "I think we are Canada's college program" White remarked. When asked if this move was in preparation to resurrect D-1 Hockey at Buffalo, he said "No" and when follow up questions came up, he indicated that he would answer no more questions on the subject.

Western New York was important, because White wanted to expand from a Amherst or Buffalo focus to a larger, multi-county focus. "Buffalo is UB territory, but so is Rochester" White explained. The move will help UB save on facilities, because they can now outsource teams throughout the region. "Baseball at MCC, Football at the Aquinas Institute, Rowing the Erie Canal, the possibilities are endless."

New apparel will be delayed because the SOWNY Bulls, were changed just last week to SOWNYEC Bulls. White explained that with the emergence of Florida Gulf Coast University in the tournament, he found it important to specify the coast that Buffalo is on. "I never heard of FGCU, but I know where the Florida Gulf Coast was, the average sports fan spends 37 seconds on one thought, instead of spending that 37 seconds on map quest wondering where Florida Gulf Coast was, I spent 37 seconds on wikipedia learning about their history. I want people new to UB looking at Wiki, not mapquest or god forbid, UB Bull Run."

White added that the Erie Coast moniker will alleviate confusion from opposing teams. Temple left the MAC after they found out that Buffalo was not just outside of Manhattan. White explained the situation: "Detailed maps are banned at Temple, in an attempt to keep students at Temple, by keeping them ignorant of the outside world. The administrators were not prepared for the extra cost of travel up to Buffalo."

Finally, with the addition of coach Bobby Hurley, White decided to synergize Hurley's pedigree, by changing the Bulls into the Blue Bulls. "Our research showed popularity increases when you describe the color of your mascot. Blue Devils, Red Wings, Red Sox. There are a lot of color blind fans out there and you do not want to alienate them."

When asked when Southern Ontario Western New York Erie Coast Blue Bulls apparel be available, White said he would be making no more comments on that.