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New York Bulls all over the floor at Alumni

Here is a rendering of the final UB court design.

I look at this and I think to myself "clearly there is something very 'New York"' about the new floor layout at Alumni Arena.'" I can't quite put my finger on i, does anyone want to give me a hint?

"As we continue to build on the potential that UB has on a local, regional and national level, this new court design will not only protect the past, but also embrace the tremendous opportunities that New York State provides our institution. As fans are watching our games in Alumni Arena, we want the message to serve as a reminder that UB is not just a great institution in the city of Buffalo, but it also ranks as the largest and most comprehensive public university in the state and the only Division I FBS program in the SUNY system. With an alumni base that reaches across New York, we felt it was time to capitalize on our status in the Empire State, similar to our peer AAU institutions that compete at the FBS level across the country." -- UB Athletic Director Danny White

I suspect that this is going to be very polarizing in the short term. What I have seen on twitter from pockets of ardently anti down state fans is that they view plying up the New York brand to be the same thing as playing down Buffalo. I don't see it that way.

Hopefully the hard feelings will pass by the time UB tips off this season because it should be a good year of basketball and student attendance is important. Remember that a full 3rd of incoming UB students are from the New York City area to say nothing of our Alumni base.

It's not a subtle design but it's definitely not gaudy or tacky.