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New York Bulls could be a lot closer than you think

No telling on just how much this will eventually present itself but something is coming.

The whispers of Danny White's vision to play up UB as the "New York Bulls" are getting just a little bit louder. While there is nothing in the way of details coming out of the athletic department, an editor for the campus paper, The Spectrum, has tweeted that at some level we will be seeing it very soon.

This goes along with rumors that UB is trademarking the term "NY Bulls", though no such trademark turns up in a quick search of the US Patent Office.

There is also the promotional material around the programs which includes "New York" across the front helmet bumper.

Dont-panic_mediumBefore anyone panics about the proposed name change, bear in mind that the odds of the University or the athletic department ever dropping Buffalo from the name are effectively zero.

UB has been UB for 150 years; UB athletics has been that way for well over 100 years. Nothing now is going to change that.

What will, hopefully, come out of this is some slick branding through which the people of Buffalo and the 33% of UB students from down state can all adopt the Bulls as their own.