Dillard's miraculous 90 foot pass to Hemphill gives WBB dramatic victory

Fourth quarter, 1.1 seconds to go, tie score at 59–59, and the Bulls have never led in this game at Western Michigan. They have the ball underneath the opposite basket. Brittany Morrison goes to make the throw-in, and then coach Felisha Legette-Jack signals for Cierra Dillard to make the throw-in. Dillard sees Summer Hemphill break free from the defender at the opposite end of the court, and Dillard throws a miraculous dead-nuts perfect 90-foot baseball pass to Hemphill, who catches the ball, turns and lays the ball in the basket at the buzzer.

It wasn't a pretty game for the Bulls, who struggled shooting, and getting their offense going. Western Michigan, on the other hand, shot well for most of the first three quarters, at one time building up a 14 point lead.

But the Bulls ratcheted up the defensive pressure, and held the Broncos without a basket for over five minutes in the fourth quarter, cutting the WMU lead to just 3 points. The Bulls would then tie the game on an offensive rebound layup by Morrison with 1:05 left in the game. The Broncos would pick up another basket, but then Hemphill went to the free-throw line and hit both with 0:25 left. The Broncos' Deja Wimby missed badly with about 2 seconds left, and Morrison rebounded, giving the ball back to Buffalo, who quickly called time-out, setting up Dillard's miracle pass.


  • For the first time this year, Dillard was not the Bulls' leading scorer, finishing with 16. Hemphill scored 19, shooting 7-for-12 and 5-for-6 from the free throw line, plus 14 rebounds. Morrison added 12, plus 12 rebounds.
  • Legette-Jack has had quite a string of success drawing up last second plays in her UB career, beginning with the MAC Championship game in 2015 when, with 3.4 seconds left, Stephanie Reid's bank shot at the buzzer gave the Bulls the win. Then, Legette-Jack drew up the in-bounds play that beat Columbia in late 2017 with a buzzer beater by Morrison.
  • Senior Autumn Jones received her first extended playing time in many games, winding up with 14 minutes on the court, but failed to score.
  • I hope someone can explain this. I looked it up. NCAA Women's Basketball Rule Book, for 2017-18 and 2018-19, Rule 5, Section 14, Article 2, says that a team that call timeout in the back-court with 59.9 seconds or less in the fourth quarter "shall have the option of putting the ball back into play by a throw-in in its frontcourt 28 feet from the end line on either side of the playing court, or at the designated spot out of bounds". So, did Legette-Jack forget this rule? Or did she exercise the option to have the ball at the designated spot out of bounds? Or is there some rule complication that I'm not aware of? What happened?