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The Pregame Meal : Colgate

Colgate is no joke, they may end the year as an FCS ranked team and made it to the Quarterfinals of the FCS playoffs in 2015.

Last year we went with Wings to open up at home and got beaten by an FCS team.

So rather than go with Buffalo’s staple food for this seasons first home gamewe’re going to shake things up with a lesser known but just as delicious pre game meal.

The Meal:

Teds Charbroiled hot dogs! Man I miss Ted’s.

Seriously, you folks in Buffalo don’t know how good you have it in terms of local food. Anyone who made it up to Minnesota for a few days knows just what I’m talking about.

Ted’s slogan is “90 years. And our fire’s still burning.”

Well we’ve been playing Colgate a lot longer than 90 years (119 to be exact) and after two tight losses our fire for a win is burning! Hopefully the coaches ignite that same fire in the players and we see a whistle to whistle performance this week.

The Drink:

The Flaming Homer!

We’re playing a college named after a toothpaste / mouthwash company. Or was the company named after the college? who knows, who cares*.

I’ve “heard” you can substitute a strong mouthwash for the cough syrup... Yea **cough** “heard” **cough** it.

If you want to *really* make a flaming homer here is how you do it.

In any event if this game goes south you’re gonna need something strong and I don’t think beer will do it.

College Battle:

UB wins this one hands down, unless you like paying 50 grand a year for a decent liberal arts education. It’s a quality education at Colgate but they only offer 57 majors and it will cost you five times the money to attend.

Plus Colgate has no graduate programs, none.

City Battle:

If you like college towns than Colgate is for you. Hamilton village has a population of about 4,000 people and Colgate has a student body of 3,000. So, basically it’s the setting of Animal House (I’m gonna keep beating that drum until each and every Bull Run community member has seen the movie).

If you like more to do then Buffalo is the place for you. UB’s main campus is not exactly Urban but the south and city campuses are on the metro line to downtown and the waterfront.

Three Things to Watch

  1. Can UB start fast: Colgate has let themselves fall behind in both of their games this year. They seem really unprepared in the first quarter.
  2. Can UB adjust at the Half: They are almost 2-0 because they play really well after making adjustments at the half
  3. The Running game: Buffalo needs to show they can be explosive, outside of Tyree, in the running game.