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BRuWPeG - Colgate

Week 3: Colgate

LK4 nailed the second perfect pick in BRuPeG history and in doing so he opened up a cavernous lead very early in the season. The only person he has not double up is Robby, who is behind him 15-8.

But don’t give up BRuPeGers, the last chap to nail a perfect pick, also early in the season, was chased down and overtaken in the last week of the year. A ten point lead this early is not insurmountable.

The nice thing about a perfect pick is that there is no tiebreaker needed this week.

So here are the weekly winners

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

After two difficult losses UB has their first homegame against Colgate. The Bulls lost their last FBS/FCS game (Albany) and lost their last FBS/FCS game against Colgate (2003).

Can they turn things around this week?