Will The MAC Remain Unaffected?

Now that UCLA and USC are joining the B1G, where does this leave the MAC? Conference realignment has become a game of musical chairs. When the American gets poached, they poach Conference USA who then gets nasty with the Sun Belt, but for the MAC has remained unaffected.

The B1G is not done and neither is the SEC; they will keep adding until they have domination. At some point, there will be three 24-team super conferences and my guess is that the Big 12 will merge with the Pac 12 and the ACC schools will find homes in the B1G and the SEC and that will be that.

The Power 72 will break away from the other FBS schools. We will still get Buffalo/Wisconsin and Western Michigan/Michigan State, but with huge TV monies, the networks will want Ohio State to play Clemson, not Ohio.

I hope the G5 schools are planning for this. There is no reason to caught off-guard when this happens. We have three divisions of Division 1 football--Power 5, Group 5 and FCS---and the best thing to do is cut it to two. That means the G5 should be talking merger with the FCS. Currently, the G5 schools offer 85 scholarships, FCS schools can offer 63. Settle on the right number and set up your own association, set up a 24, 28, or 32 team playoff and sell it to the networks.

There would be interest. Networks need inventory and a 32-team playoff would be valuable, in fact, some say it could be worth $150-$200 million right now. Why wait? The Power schools don't want the G5 schools in the playoffs. last year, Cincinnati went 13-0, won at Notre Dame and still there were naysayers that said that they didn't belong in the CFP. And, when the UCF and Northern Illinois made BCS bowl games, nobody really cared, so why keep up the charade.

The day is coming. I hope the MAC schools have thought about it. Merging with FCS would create a nice 178 (roughly) association and something to play for at season's end. You can call it the College Football Alliance and Buffalo could win it all and hang a CFA Champions banner in the Alumni Arena and UB Stadium.

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