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Blog-ish swap - Colgate Football

So I had a bit of trouble finding a Colgate blog to trade notes with. Usually it goes that way with FCS teams but fortunatly while schlepping through twitter I came across @ColgateFootball.

It’s not a blog but it is an unofficial fan driven source of information on Colgate football. And Ryan, who runs the account, was goodly enough to let me pick his brain a bit on Colgate Football

1 ) Colgate has twice this season really struggled in the fourth quarter. Is there a depth issue or is it just two weird games.

I don't think it's a depth issue. Early in the year with any team you are figuring out what works best and then it comes down to finishing for 4 quarters.

2) What are the strengths of your offense.

Running the ball is the #1 strength and has been for a while at Colgate. It remains to be seen if the freshman, Grant Breneman (#15), starts at QB this week after playing most of the game against Richmond, but whoever is in there the most important thing is making the right reads on whether they are handing it off or pulling it. If you are watching on TV then I am sure the camera operator will be fooled more than once.

This obviously translates into good time of possession numbers for Colgate as well as short yardage conversions. I'm willing to bet there will be more than a few 4th and shorts that Coach Hunt decides to go for. If things go well then success running the ball will open up some good looks in the passing game. Chris Puzzi (K, #49) and Josh Cerra (P, #96) have been really solid in special teams so far this year too. Other players to watch: James Holland (RB, #2), Alex Greenawalt (WR, #3), Malik Twyman (RB, #24), Alex Matthews (RB, #44)

3) Same question for the defense

Stopping the run is the #1 strength of the D. Hopefully All-American Pat Afriyie (#37) is back this week after missing last week's game, but the rest of the D is perfectly capable of stepping up as shown by only allowing 62 yards on the ground to Richmond without him. TJ Holl (#21), Ben Hunt IV (#8), and John Steffen (#95) are other names you will probably hear called a lot.

4) Last year UB fell to an FCS team, and Colgate beat us 14 years ago. What do you think the Raiders chances are this week?

It looks like Buffalo has played two close games against quality opponents so far, but if Colgate can find success in the running game it will be hard for Buffalo to get the ball enough to outscore them.

5) Predictions?

A close game in the first half with halftime adjustments playing a key role in who comes out on top. If all goes well Colgate will maintain their winning record vs Buffalo all-time (currently 8-7 :) )

Like me, Ryan is a bit of a program history buff. He has more on Colgate football history at his other site.