Lance Leipold on Hawk Talk

I was bored so I caught this show on ESPN+. One quick observation (some of you may have seen this before; I hadn't)...he can't keep his hands still. Nerves? Energy? Some place too go to spend all that money that KU pays him?

A couple of observations:

1) he mentioned that at KU they use a "captain application process". You need to apply to be a captain. Then, after screening by coaches, your name is up to popular vote with others. Did he do this at UB???

2) asked if they would rely on the RB game as they did at UB, he said that Coach Kot...would likely do so as he did at UB; especially if the OL is as good as they think it will be.

3) asked about special teams and the chance to strengthen...he talked about Taiwo Onatolu, "who was with him at UB" as a graduate assistant, doing the same job as a TE/Special Teams Coach.

I stopped watching when his presumptive staring QB (Jalon Daniels?) took over.

I was impressed the number of times UB was mentioned. It was a bit like, "This worked at Alabama (UB) so of course we'll do it here".

Fun to see how people re-position......