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Bulls In The Pros — Andrea Mitrovic

Andrea Mitrovic in 2018

Andrea Mitrovic played two years for the UB Volleyball Team, 2017 and 2018. In 2017, she was named to the MAC All-Freshman Team. In 2018, she led the MAC in points per set, and was named to the All-MAC First Team. She also led the Bulls to their best ever record in the MAC, 10–6. Then, she transferred to Arizona State.

Since college, Mitrovic has been playing professionally overseas (at the time, there was no USA professional volleyball league).

In 2020–21, she played for CSU Medicina Târgu Mureș in Romania. In 2021–22, she played for AO Thiras in Thiras, Greece (which is located on an island in the Aegean Sea). Thiras finished 7th out of 14 teams in the Greek league, and was eliminated in the quarter-finals. I could not find individual statistics for Mitrovic either year.

Andrea has also been playing for the Canadian National Volleyball Team since 2020. Although Canada did not qualify for the Olympics, they did participate in the Volleyball Nations League, a tournament of the top 16 teams in the world. In the 2021 Volleyball Nations League, Mitrovic racked up 140 points while appearing in all 15 matches. She had a hitting percentage of 0.218.