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NFL Fantasy Football Ratings Buffalo Bulls

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Want to stack your fantasy football team with UB alumni?

I think right now James Starks is a steal at 1$. If he stays healthy expect him to get 20-30% of Green Bay's carries and touchdowns. That's a no-brainer for one of your backs.

Branden Oliver is a deal but it depends on where he lands on the depth chart. BO as a second back may get an even bigger chuck of San Diego's work load than Starks gets in Green Bay. If that's the case this is another one where you draft him and then wait to see if there are injuries in the Chargers backfield, or if a real committee emerges.

Mack is UB's biggest star but does not rank him. There is also the wrinkle that in many leagues you don't buy specific defenders only their defensive units.

That defensive setup also impacts Steven Means, and Josh Thomas.

Meanwhile Jake Schum is out of luck as does not rate punters.

Rankings According to

Khalil Mack - Defenses are always funny in fantasy football. Back when I played briefly about ten years ago you never picked defensive players, just whole units. It seems things have evolved a bit and you you pick both.

From a unit perspective Mack is a steal. The Raiders have the 23rd best fantasy defense. As an individual Mack is not listed among the top 30 valued linebackers or defensive linemen. Unfortunately Mack's effectiveness in the running game is not sexy stat wise. If you think Mack's sack total will be up this year he is a good buy.

James Starks - Starks is the 65th rated running back according to the guys over at with an auction value of one dollar. The starter in Green Bay, Eddie Lacey, has an auction value of 54 dollars and is ranked 3rd among NFL running backs in terms of their fantasy value.

Branden Oliver - BO is making a case to be the number two guy with San Diego but right now he is the third "Fantasy Charger". Oliver has an auction value of one dollar. Melvin Gordon is worth about 19 dollars and is ranked 19th. Also on the Chargers is Danny Woodhead who can be bought for 5$ and is the 44th ranked back.

Steven Means - Should Means make the cut in Baltimore he will be joining the seventh best fantasy defense according to

Josh Thomas - Thomas is something of a long shot in Minnesota. The Vikings new defense gives a lot of looks in hopes of generating confusion on the other side. Last year was the first year in the scheme and it was pretty effective, this year it may be even more so. The Vikings are ranked as the 16th fantasy football defense on

Jake Schum - No love for punters yet in fantasy football on the NFL's site