Jets Camp Report - Schum

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As we have a UB Bull at Jets camp I felt it was important that UB alum show some support. We also went to support Drew Willy (which didn't do much good), but maybe we'll be luckier this time.

Tuesday was rained out, so we pleaded with the Jets Powers that be to let us have tickets (yes you need tickets this year) to today's practice.

My 18 year old son Daniel and I arrived there early because we know that before the other action starts the punters try to take advantage of the open field. We had our signs and we got a nice nod from Jake.


It was kind of difficult to get good pics from where we were able to stand, but here is Jake and the incumbent who beat him out for the job last year #4 Ryan Quigley.


I onlly saw one bad punt in this round and it was from Quigley.

Later one they went into actual special teams practice. I was able to get a little closer.


After that they did some kind of fake punt drill i believe.


The coach didn't say anything negative so I guess he did OK there.

We got to relive a UB nightmare by seeing Bryce Petty.. I think he had about 18 yards and 12 touchdowns in two games against us with Baylor.


Didn't get much more than that because I lost my iphone. We weren't able to find Jake to get our sign autographed. However we went into the business office and got pictures taken with the Vince Lombardi Trophyon my son's phone.


On the way home my son got a call on his iphone from the people who had our phone. We met at one of the exits and I got the phone back.

Alll in all a pretty good day. I hope Jake can make the team this year. Always love watching Bulls in the NFL.


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