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Bulls and Beers - Episode 1 - One Crazy Summer

Welcome to the next iteration of out video pod cast. We started with "Last Bull In" which provided years of fun. That evolved into "Bull RunDown" which had a run of one episode before Dave left the Blog-Life.

Now it's Tim, Conrad, Matt, and John running the show. Can the guys who Dave used to keep in check avoid burning down the blog?

It seemed wrong to continue a series without Dave. Also the name never felt right. So we are relaunching our weekly football offering as "Bulls and Beers". After all we spent the past few seasons drinking away our sorrows, hopefully Lance Leipold will lead us to toasting some success. Either way it's better when Beer is involved.

Well it's almost always better.

Tonight we just plan to shake off the dust and talk a bit about this summers happenings. Next week is a football preview, and then the week after we look at the tiny FCS school we are playing to open the season... smAlbany