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Buffalo Bulls in the NFL

Finally there is NFL Football Games to talk about.

Harry How/Getty Images

Khalil Mack -

This is not Khalil Mack... But this is someone famous wearing Mack gear

The real Mack had a game to play. Silver and Black Pride, SNBation's home for Raider Fans, think that Khalil showed up.

Raiders preseason week 1 Ballers & Busters vs Rams - Silver And Black Pride
Khalil Mack Even in the preseason, he comes out making plays. In just two drives on the field, he made a bigger impact than many players do over four quarters. After the Rams went up 3-0 on their opening drive, they brought the first team back out to try and add to that total. Mack was a major factor in stopping them in their tracks. First he pushed the bull rushed the right tackle right into Nick Foles to force and incompletion. Then on third down, he was held on his way to still sacking the quarterback, though there was an offsetting penalty so the offense got to replay the down. The result was the same, but this time it was Mack with the bull rush which closed down the left side where Shelby Harris shot in for the sack. On the final play of the firsts quarter, Mack's last snap of the game, he stuffed a run for a one yard gain. Presence felt. Have a seat, Mr Mack.

James Starks -

First - "Starknado" is the nickname being give to James Starks by our friends over at ACME Packing Company, which is just a little bit of awesome.

During his preseason kickoff Starks was meh running the ball but very good in the receiving game. Some folks over at the Company think that he needs to keep an eye on the players behind him.

"Starknado did what Starknado usually does, but this year will it be enough? The young guys behind him look awfully hungry and awfully talented!" -- Acme Packing Company

Branden Oliver -

Oliver tore up the Dallas second unit, for the second consecutive year. It looks like "Oliver Twist" has actually picked up a few steps this off season. Just watch;

Bolts From the Blue, The best San Diego fan site in the universe, called Oliver's performance "the only player who had a performance worth writing about". Branden Oliver, ran for 53 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries.

Steven Means -

First the good, in practice Means had a nice interception.

Now the bad. This past Thursday Mean sustained a groin injury. The press is being told it's not a serious injury but Means needs all the reps he can get to play his way into a good roster spot. So far he has not returned to practice.

Josh Thomas -

Quiet week for Thomas. He did manage two solo tackles in their most recent game against Tampa Bay

Kristjan Sokoli -

Not a great coming out for Sokoli but the expectations on a mid major defensive lineman making his NFL debut as an NFL offense lineman was bound to be bumpy.

It's a process and Sokoli feels like things are moving along well.

Seahawks Rookie Kristjan Sokoli Adjusting To "A Whole New World" Along The Offensive Line | Seattle Seahawks
"Every day I feel a little bit better," Sokoli said of his defense-to-offense transition following Seahawks training camp practice this past week. "I feel like I'm working on something different every day and feeling some improvement every day. And that's key, to feel every day like you've worked on something and to do something better than you did the day before."

Jake Schum -

Our own CTBullsFan made the best Schum news of the week.

Jets Camp Report - Schum - Bull Run
My 18 year old son Daniel and I arrived there early because we know that before the other action starts the punters try to take advantage of the open field. We had our signs and we got a nice nod from Jake.

The post was picked up in link dump form by SNY's "The Jets Blog"

He was the best Punter in last weeks game but not by a whole lot. It's still uphill for Schum.