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MAC Player of the Year Justin Moss in legal trouble, may miss season

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Editorial Note: The source who reached out to Bull Run talked only about 90$ which was taken by Moss. The Buffalo News via a FOIL request determined the total taken by three students (Moss, Raheem Johnson and Mory Diane) totaled 650$. At this point I don't know if that means Moss took just 90$ and the other two are responsible for the rest or if my source was incorrect on the amount.

Editorial Note(2): Is Moss already expelled or not? I have it from a source that he is expelled after the summer. He is appealing that decision and the appeal is set to be heard in the next week or so. I ran this by several people who are very damn close to the department but not directly involved and they all confirmed it. It might be wrong but if it is it's because the information given to me is wrong. Schools do occasionally suspends people "after the current semester" when the offense is non violent. Given that this sentence was handed down half way through the summer session it makes sense.

Last week Bull Run learned that UB star forward Justin Moss' future with the team and at the University in uncertain because of a possible expulsion coming after the summer semester. With an appeal, now just a few days away, still pending, we decided to wait for further resolution rather than publish a half-story with unknown result. Now that The Buffalo News has published, here's what we know:

The senior reportedly took $90 from a dorm room while he was working a summer job on campus. Moss would later return the money but still receive a punishment of expulsion, pending appeal.

Justin was not the only student athlete involved but was already on probation and as a result the school acted swiftly in suspending the Detroit native. I have been told that Moss has engaged legal counsel in his effort to both complete his education and play basketball at Buffalo in the upcoming year.

Moss was one of two Bulls to start all 33 games last season, and led both the team and the Mid-American Conference in scoring and rebounding en route to MAC Player of the Year honors. The incident is the second such run-in with the law in less than a year for the basketball program after transfer forward Jamir Hanner was dismissed from the team after a late-night assault last October.

Following UB's MAC Championship 2014-15 season Moss has attracted national attention in anticipation of his senior year. Recently The Big Lead ranked him as one of the 50 Best Players in College Basketball, quipping that he may be the best mid-major player not suiting up for Wichita State.

The end result is up in the air, but if the coming appeal is unsuccessful UB would be left without their leading scorer and rebounder while already looking to replace Shannon Evans, Xavier Ford, and Will Regan. More importantly, Moss, now just six credits from graduation, would have to move on to his fourth school to earn his degree after previously spending time at Toledo and Indian Hills CC.