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A Sneak Peek at the New Edmond Gicewicz Club Ahead of the Season Opener

Tomorrow begins a new era at UB Stadium when the Edmond Gicewicz Club opens for the first time. I got a sneak peek inside UB's new premium seating digs and it's a big step for the department.

With the Lance Leipold's first game on the sidelines for UB Football rapidly approaching, there were questions from some wondering whether or not the new West Club would be completed in time for the UB season opener tomorrow against Albany.

Heck, we even published an article with some pictures from commenter rma116 showing the outside of the club and it seemed like there was still a bit of work to be done.

However, knowing what I know from my engineering internships, I wasn't concerned about the project being completed on time: fact of the matter is, when there is a deadline for a major capital project such as the West Club, it gets done on time.

I was lucky enough to get a quick walkthrough today to see the interior of the club and the new VIP patio and outdoor seating area at UB Stadium.

Spoiler alert: the department did an excellent job, and the new West Club is as good as advertised.

The first thing you notice when walking into the new 2,000 square foot lodge spanning the western side of UB Stadium is the football field themed hardwood floor. The hardwood throughout the new complex is a rich brown with a football field line motif painted in white that pops out against the natural hardwood.

Also spanning the length of the complex is the indoor seating area where club members can have a seat, watch the game, and catch special extras that are featured on the flat screen TV's hanging at various spots throughout the complex.

At the end of the complex you reach the full service bar where members can get drinks and food before returning to their seat. The bar is a nice addition and has a professional and classy look that really goes along with the ambiance of the club itself.

Then, members can walk out to the patio that overlooks midfield and can walk down to the outdoor seating area and the general concourses. Another new addition will be the student VIP section at the south end zone (the picture above was taken from the patio just outside of the West Club).

Overall, I was quite impressed with the job that was done inside the West Club in such a short period of time, with construction only beginning at the beginning of the summer. The new complex is as good as advertised and I was blown away by the interior. During my visit there were only a few last finishing touches that were being completed, and were mostly minor things such as hanging signs.

If there were a comparison to be made, I would compare the West club to the loge seating at Gillette Stadium. The seating layout of the West Club, with the included bar and concessions, and private restrooms closely resembles the layout at the New England Patriots facility. The only difference being is that the West Club is smaller in size and scope than the loge seating at Gillette, but when I walked in, I immediately thought of my time at Gillette Stadium, and that's what sold me.

The investment will prove to be well worth it for the department. By my shorthand calculations, if the Club sells out the department will generate approximately half a million dollars in new revenue this season. And with my tour today, the quality of the club is second-to-none, and UB fans with the means to get a seat in the club will certainly enjoy everything it has to offer.

The West Club will be open for business for the first time tomorrow as UB kicks off at 3:30.

***Special thanks to Todd Garzarelli and the entire UB Athletics department for allowing me to tour the West Club ahead of game day tomorrow