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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart for Albany

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from Devin Campbell and Jarrett Franklin we have a look at what Lance Leipold wants his two deep to look like.

It's a lot different than what I had been used to from the last regime. There is a distinctive lack of "or" on the depth charts. Also only two WR slots along with a full back slot.

The lack of "ors" could mean one of two things. It could mean that Liepold is more decisive about Quinn and has "his starters". Or it could simply mean that Liepold treats a weekly depth chart like a formality.

In any event the obvious differences on a 100% healthy roster would be Franklin starting. I would guess in place of Branden Berry who is converting from a DB this season. Devin Campbell would probably be one of the two kickoff returners.

Campbell is closing in on Ernest Jackson's all time mark and while Jacob Martinez has shown flashes of potential UB needs a weapon returning kicks.

And what of Martinez?

Kid looked good last year but not on the two deep this season.

During a preseason "Bulls and Beers" Matt and I both hypothesized that we may see Martinez on the field as a third receiver when UB goes with three or four wide outs.

We're down to two more days before Albany.