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Cross Country kicks off season at Colgate, Soccer and Volleyball keep rolling

Matt Gritzmacher

All of a sudden, the full complement of fall sports are in action for UB Athletics. Men's and Women's Tennis and Rowing don't quite get started yet, but they make most of their hay in the spring season anyway. But with Cross Country and Football both kicking off their seasons tomorrow, we've got a full weekend in Bull to prep you for.

This Weekend in Bull is the spiritual bookend to the Sunday night podcast John and I do as we at Bull Run work to cover all of UB's sports. Friday afternoons, we tell you what's on the horizon, and Sunday evening, we tell you what happened.


Volleyball: @ #7 Washington, 4:00 PM (Live Stream Available)
Men's Soccer: @ UT-Rio Grande Valley, 8:00 PM (Live Stream Available)


Cross Country: vs Colgate, Syracuse at Colgate Harry Lang Invitational
Volleyball: vs Murray State (in Seattle, WA), 5:00 PM (Live Stream Available - same link as VB above)


Women's Soccer: vs Syracuse, 12:00 PM (Live Stream Available)
Men's Soccer: @ Houston Baptist, 5:30 PM