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Gallery: Four days to kickoff, UB Stadium West Club still unfinished

Reader and frequent commenter rma116 was kind enough today to snap some pictures of the new Edmond J.Gicewicz Club while at the Men's Soccer game, and while I won't write paragraphs and paragraphs, nor do we have tons and tons of pictures, the luxury seating improvement looks incomplete at best from what he shared. You should be able to scroll through the pictures above.

The Gicewicz Club, recently renamed from the West Club, was planned for this year as a smaller, but more quickly executable, version of the planned East Club on the other side of UB Stadium, and will add approximately 400 premium seats and an important revenue stream to the stadium.

The plans have been met with general acceptance and some vocal disagreement from longtime season ticket holders who are now displaced, but I remain of the same opinion as my original thoughts: if the seats fill up and become a regular revenue source, good. If not, then the perception will be a much bigger problem than the cash flow.

These pictures don't offer anything towards that whatsoever, and it's known that part of the reason the West Club was accelerated was to find a place for boosters who had purchased spots in the East Club. What these pictures do show is that with four days to go, there's quite a bit of work to do, even beyond finishing up the aesthetics of it all.

There's no reason to believe if it comes to it UB won't have crews working 24/7 to finish - rma116 told me on Twitter that he could hear drills working even during the soccer game - but I certainly expected the new renovations to be completed by now.