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Buffalo Bulls Football Record Watch Albany

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Time to start watching the Buffalo Bulls move up the record books. To start the season we will look at the offense's big three. Seniors Anthone Taylor, Joe Licata, and Ron Willoughby can all leave UB with their names at or near the tops of UB's books.

Joe Licata of course is already UB's most prolific touchdown tosser and a solid senior year should see him at number one in some other categories. A solid game against Albany and he will pass Cliff Scott in completions. A career game could seem him pass Marty Barrett for yards.

If Licata does have a 400 yard game then Ron Willoughby could catch the great Doc Smith in receptions, James Starks in yards, and Ernest Jackson in touchdowns.

The only thing which might keep Licat-oughby (tm Bull Run) from running up the record books would be one of those 200+ yard Anthone Taylor games. If Taylor does that he might catch O.D. Underwood in yards and possibly Joe Zelmanski for touchdowns.

Since Albany's defensive line is the size of our third string quarterback it's safe to assume that Buffalo, who has the the 14th largest line in college football, should be able to pour on the running game.