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Video: Lance Leipold and Joe Licata at UB's weekly press conference

Still getting into the swing of things as the season approaches, we're a little behind on UB's weekly press conferences, but the videos above and below have only been viewed 120 times combined (and five are from me), so I don't think there's any harm in highlighting them now.

From Leipold's video above:

On Licata and Daniel's grasp of the offense:

"I've been very impressed with both [QBs], the way they've absorbed the new terminology, what Andy has asked - Andy Kotelnicki our offensive coordinator - what we've asked of him as far as getting us into run and pass decisions, making great decisions, understanding where we're going with things."

On success and expectations:

"Ultimately the barometer is the win/loss column and that's how will we be judged... if we can continue to hit daily improvement, I think we'll see ... what we're hoping to get ... I really look forward to maybe halfway through this season or a year from now when we know exactly what we have, what we're playing against, and I'll answer a lot of these questions a lot better."

On freshman WR Brandon Smiley:

"Right now the plan is that we are gonna work Brandon into the rotation right now. Again he's still in competition ut he is one that probably at this time that could see action as a true freshman. He's had an excellent camp, he's been very reliable and durable, made some tough plays for us."

Joe Licata also spoke to the media:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

On his senior year:

"I feel like I just got here yesterday, but everyone keeps telling me they think that I've been here for a hundred years."

On the offense:

"This is the best we've felt about system and everything coming out of camp in our five years here. I feel ready and confident. Mostly confident- that's the word that I'd use to describe this offense. ... We have a lot of smart guys on offense."

"There's a lot of differences on offense ... you'll have to see on Saturday."