Putting the Brew, in BRUWPEG...

Summer practice hasn't started and football news is relatively slow. Also very slow is any news of the US-Canada border being opened for Canadians to travel to the United States.

Ever the optimist, I have not only renewed Dar's and my seasons tickets with UB, but I have started to buy single game tickets for other games we/I plan to attend. The schedule is 19 games for me/16 for Dar. 3 games are the annual "Boys Trip" with my buddy George. This years' trip is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12 in Lafayette, LA to see App State; Thursday, October 14 in Mobile, AL to see the new stadium (Hancock Whitney) and Georgia Southern, and Saturday, October 16 in Baton Rouge to see LSU host Florida. There will be several rounds of golf involved; and perhaps a beverage or two.

Dar and I plan to see 11 FCS games (so many stadiums I have not been to!) plus 5 UB home games. Weather permitting, we may add one or two UB road games in November.

So, here is the deal: when will the border open? All guesses welcome (even the mean ones that say stuff like never, or next year). The person who gets it right, or closest, will win a six pack of great Canadian microbrew. We'll bring them to the first UB game after the border opens, or any game at UB thereafter of their choice. Submissions accepted up to a public announcement by the US government, US Customs, or whomever.

Consider this a warm up to BRUWPEG, with real brew on the line!

Oh ya. Bulls win the MAC East; the MAC; and bowl again! #UBhornsUP