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Bull Run Weekly MAC Power Rankings

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 04 Bowling Green at Toledo Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well that was a really bad week for the conference as a whole. Ohio losing to an FCS school was arguably not even the worst result of the day for the conference. On the flip side Ohio losing to an FCS school was about the highlight of my weekend given what the Bulls and Bills managed.

Anyway it looks like Toledo is the strongest and most consistent team in the MAC right now, while in the East only Kent and Miami look to be ready for prime time.

Here’s my rankings, tell me where I’m wrong.

Team Pre Δ Comment
1 Toledo 2 1 Leading Notre Dame late into the game, on top of a their current resume makes the Rockets look like the strangest and most consistent team in the MAC
2 Kent State 3 1 Kent had there chance for a "let's get crazy on an FCS team" week, and they did just that. Really looking like the class of the East right now
3 Ball State 1 -2 They got destroyed, and we can pull the "But it was a ranked Penn State team" card, but overall the Cards have looked really shaky this year
4 Western MIchigan 5 1 Solid win over Illinois State, who might be an FCS squad, but they are one of the better FCS squads.
5 Northern Illinois 4 -1 Not a great loss to take, nice comeback try but if Wyoming drops 50 on you then you're going to have trouble. Still, expect them to be in the mix in the west though.
6 Miami 8 2 Quite a nice showing against PJ fleck and the Gophers, too bad they could not get it over the top but they and Kent look like the only consistent teams in the East right now.
7 Eastern Michigan 9 2 Not a great game, but they get to move up because they looked better against Michigan State than Buffalo looked against Nebraska.
8 Central Michigan 10 2 Not a great opponent, but they won, while everyone under them lost.
9 Buffalo 7 -2 Not quite a terrible loss, but Nebraska is not a great team and the Bulls offense was moribund while the defense had too many lapses leading to big plays.
10 Ohio 6 -4 Ok, it *might* be time for the folks in Athens to panic a bit, this could just be a blip or there really was something magical about Solich that the rest of his staff lacks.
11 Bowling Green 11 0 Yes, they lost... Yes they choked... But for three wonderful quarters Bowling Green looked like they could play football again. It's something to build on.
12 Akron 12 0 Also signs of life in Akron, sort of. Up 14-3 after the first quarter and only down 7 at the half against Temple.