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New Trophy Case inside Alumni Arena

New Trophy Case inside Alumni Arena
Paige Miller

While we were all staying away from Alumni Arena because of the pandemic, the UB Staff has created a new trophy case on the main floor of Alumni Arena.

Inside the trophy case are trophies for every single MAC Championship earned by UB (so for example there are four trophies for men’s basketball). That includes Championships won by men’s and women’s tennis, women’s soccer and men’s and women’s basketball (and I hope I haven’t forgotten any EDIT: I forgot women’s swimming and diving, I’m terribly sorry).

Those of you who have photographic memories will probably be able to count up the number of trophies in the case and say “Wait a minute, UB hasn’t won that many MAC championships”. And you would be correct, there are several trophies for “Diversity and Inclusion”.

Behind where the photographer is standing (which you can see reflected off the glass) is the mural showing UB basketball greats from Sam Pellom to Stephanie Reid. New photos have been added to this mural, including Yassin Idibhi, Cierra Dillard, CJ Massinburg and Nick Perkins.