The Definitive 2021 UB Football Game Day Guide


I originally wrote this guide in 2018 and revised the guide in 2019 to make some small updates. With no fans in the stands in 2020 and major changes implemented in 2021, I'm republishing the guide with updates. Much of the information on UB's official website has not been updated in years or is not easy to find, so go no further than here.

Prior to the Game

Parking and Tailgating

UB is the only Division 1 FBS school that I know of that provides all general football parking completely free.


Generally, most fans park in the lots along Augspurger Road, west of UB Stadium (3). It is worth noting that Augspurger Rd is closed to public traffic east of Coventry Rd.

If you require handicapped accessible parking, park in the Slee A Lot, just west of Coventry Rd. A shuttle will pick you up at the corner of Augspurger and Coventry and bring you to the game.

I typically see the most tailgating in the Special Event Lot, which is where you should park if you are bringing an RV, and the Baird A Lot. Otherwise, the lots along Augspurger Rd generally fill east to west. If you are arriving late or if the game is particularly popular, even the Cooke A/B lots may fill up.

The only lots that I can think of that are off limits are apartment lots (16, 43, and west of Hadley Rd), which require a permit 24/7, and the Bookstore Lot, which has a one hour time limit. Stadium Lot hosts Stampede Square, which we will get to later. The lots along Webster Road are for donors only.

If you need to get in and out easily, I find the Furnas Lot north of the Student Union (28) one of the easiest to leave. You can also park along Amherst Manor Dr, south of the Coventry Entrance, for a quick getaway. Generally, parking at the Northtown Center on Amherst Manor Dr is not encouraged, however I have never seen anybody towed from that lot. For popular games, the Baird and Slee Lots may take some time to get out of.

UB has a few rules for tailgating, but the rules are very reasonable. Alcohol is allowed (this is Buffalo, of course), however glass bottles are discouraged, and kegs are prohibited. I think the biggest rule to remember is that this is a Buffalo Bulls tailgate and not a Buffalo Bills tailgate. You will not see intoxicated people backflipping onto flaming tables, you will see families enjoying some food and beverages together before the game.

Stampede Square

Stampede Square is UB's official tailgate, located in the Stadium Lot, just west of UB Stadium (3). In previous years you could find concerts, giveaways, activities, and other family fun in this area. Due to covid, there are less activities than normal, and tailgate concerts are not being held in 2021.

Stampede Square opens three hours prior to kickoff, with the football team, drumline, cheerleaders, "Dazzlers" dance team, and Victor E. Bull arriving two and a half hours prior to kickoff in the Walk to Victory.

In 2017 Stampede Square added some of Buffalo's favorite food trucks. 2021's food truck lineup includes:

UB Big (or Little) Blue - Variety of food ranging from sandwiches to macaroni and cheese

The Cereal Spot - Cereal and other desserts **New for 2021

Lloyd's Taco Truck - Tacos, nachos, and burritos.

The Cheesy Chick - Buffalo's grilled cheese food truck


Single game tickets for UB football games are $30 for any seat in the stadium, excluding club seats. For those under 12 or 55 and older, tickets are $15. In 2021, UB introduced a more strict mobile ticketing platform, however physical tickets do exist. UB football games will not sell out so there is no reason to pay Ticketmaster fees online. Buy at the box office instead.

If you have children in eighth grade or under, the Junior Bulls Kids Club is for you.

As with most other college football games, you may see scalpers with signs that say "I Need Tickets." I have never bought from a scalper so I do not know what their typical price points are, but that is an option. I have seen people selling tickets outside Stampede Square and across Millersport Highway.

Stubhub typically has tickets more expensive than the box office. UB's official third party ticket partner is Ticket Smarter, which has similarly overpriced tickets.


For seat location, you will have the best views in the East or West Grandstands in the 200's or 300's. Due to the way the stadium is constructed the first five rows of 100 level seating has an obscured view. For day games, the west grandstand is in the shade, while the east grandstand is in the sun.

The True Blue Student Section is located in sections 121 to 127, and overflow in sections 321 to 331. The UB "Thunder of the East" Marching Band is located in section 128. Visitor seating is in section 109, with overflow in section 108 and 110. The visitors sideline is on the west side, UB is on the east side.

During The Game

Food and Amenities

Gates open to the stadium 90 minutes before kickoff.

Both the east and west grandstands have concession stands, which serve your typical football foods - hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, and pulled pork. Beginning in 2021, Chick Fil A has a concessions tent and a Buffalo specialty, Pizza Logs, are being sold in the stadium. If you're looking for a local food to try out, get an order of Pizza Logs.

Beer and hard seltzer are sold in the stadium. Expect to pay premium prices.

In the east and west grandstands you can pick up some UB gear. The prices are actually quite reasonable, though the selection is quite limited. A tee shirt goes for $12.

Game programs are $1 and no longer include a full game preview and detailed roster. If you have a smartphone and can access the UB football roster, you can skip the program unless you prefer having the physical program.

UB "Thunder of the East" Marching Band

Unlike many other college marching bands, the Thunder of the East does not have a formal concert before the game, however they typically warm up around the south east parts of the stadium.

The Thunder of the East performs a pregame show approximately 20 minutes prior to kickoff then forms a tunnel when the team enters the stadium. During the game you will hear the band play the UB fight song "Victory" after scoring plays, and an abbreviated version "Victory Short" on first downs and turnovers. On third downs, you will hear Holst's "Mars: The Bringer of War." You'll also hear an up-tempo version of "Also Sprach Zarathustra," and a variety of pop songs.

The Thunder of the East typically plays to the west grandstand at halftime.

After victories, the football team walks over to the band as they play "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled.

All 41

Throughout the stadium and along the sideline, you may see the number 41 or the phrase "All 41." This is a tribute to the late Solomon Jackson, a UB linebacker who tragically passed away in March 2016.

Covid Guidelines

Masks are required whether you are vaccinated or not. There is not a mask police.