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Bulls during NFL / CFL Camps: Branden Oliver

Detroit Lions v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Over the next week or two, before we start ramping up our 2017 football coverage, Bull Run is going to be taking a look at all the Bulls who are in an NFL or CFL camp. Some of these players are proven assets and others are long shot tryout players.

Previously we have talked about Mason Schreck, Roubbens Joseph, Jordan Johnson, Kristjan Sokoli and John Kling. Today were talking Branden Oliver.

Oliver was the feel good UDFA story of 2014.

After shattering most records of consequence at UB he went undrafted. The closest sniff he had was a tryout, not even a contract, with the Colts.

But before he could tryout with the Colts he was snatched up as a camp body by the chargers. He was the fourth back on the team, and few charger fans expected him to last.

Then he blasted the Cowboys in preseason week one, outworked most everyone at camp and forced San Diego to carry four running backs.

Attrition kicked in and BO found himself playing in September and starting October. And he was good. In his first NFL start Oliver put up 19 carries for 114 yards, a rushing touchdown and 4 receptions for 68 yards and a receiving touchdown.

Unfortunately for BO, turf toe shortened his 2015 season and then last preseason he suffered an Achilles tendon injury.

BO was supposed to be a restricted free agent after 2016 but he was not tendered a contract. He was released and re-signed under a new the Chargers. He also has had a number change. BO will once again be rocking 32.

If Oliver is recovered properly from last seasons injury it’s hard to see him not make the roster. BO’s proven himself in the system as a guy who could be a number two back.