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MAC Power Rankings - The East is Least

Northern Illinois v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Team Pre Δ Comment
1 Northern Illinois 1 0 Survive and advance, Part Deux. NIU was pushed to the edge by the chips. They are number one in the conference but not by a lot, they are a scrappy squad and find a way to win
2 Toledo 4 2 Big win over Western Michigan to stay in the MAC West race. Dequan Finn's hit Danzel McKinley-Lewis ignited a 21-point burst that keeps them two behind WMU.
3 Western MIchigan 2 -1 Bronco's fall off the pace, thanks to a third quarter collapse on the road, they still have a crack at NIU to end the season, but need some help now.
4 Ball State 3 -1 BSU also slipped up, twice leading over Miami and getting into position to win late they threw a pick that put them in the "2-2" pack.
5 Central Michigan 5 0 Chips could have went into a tie for first with the Huskies, but late special teams issues cost them. Of the MAC West teams they may have the hardest time getting to 6 wins.
6 Eastern Michigan 7 1 The Eagles rolled over Bowling Green, with Toledo, WMU, and CMU on the schedule still they don't have a lot of room to slip up if they want to Bowl.
7 Kent State 6 -1 Kent managed to survive Ohio, the barely survived Buffalo, and overall just look average this year. But in the MAC East "Average" seems to be enough.
8 Miami 8 0 Huge hold versus Ball State puts Miami in a tie for the MAC East. They have BGSU and Ohio left so six wins is very doable. Then their games with Kent and Buffalo decide the East
9 Buffalo 9 0 Buffalo played their first four quarter game since week one, against Wagner. This time against Akron. They could contend in the East but with Miami, BSU, and NIU on the schedule 6 wins will be hard
10 Bowling Green 10 0 The vaunted Bowling Green defense looked rather tame this week. Their chances at picking up a MAC win diminish by the week.
11 Ohio 12 1 Ohio played well against Kent, it's the third week in a row the Bobcats lost by a touchdown or less. They are not nearly as bad as their record, but it will be the first losing season since 2008
12 Akron 11 -1 Akron actually moved the ball ok but giving up 11 sacks, two fumbles, and a pick will doom you, no matter who you are.