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Bulls Big Play Defense Dooms The Zips

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Buffalo Nicholas LoVerde-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven sacks, three forced fumbles, an interception, and fourteen tackles for loss gave the UB offense solid field position and kept the Zips out of the endzone with the exception of a single big play.

The Offense handled itself well, when it had the ball, but being given some of the short fields they saw three drives start in Akron Territory and two starts inside of the Akron Redzone.

The first score came three plays after Max Michelle sacked DJ Irons, forcing a fumble that he would return all the way to the eight yardline. Buffalo was unable to punch it in but did get a field goal to open things up.

The next Buffalo offensive series saw Kyle Vantrease throw a 45 yard pass to Quian Williams to get into the redzone, four plays later Dyan McDuffie ran into the Enzone.

Buffalo’s next drive also found the endzone, but this time it was Vantrease taking it in himself, after the Akron defense started to sell out on McDuffie.

What would follow would be the worst breakdown the Bulls defense would have. With injuries on the defensive line Buffalo has had trouble on the edges and Akron running back Jonzell Norrils took advantage of that. Bouncing to the outside and rambling almost untouched for 74 yards.

After that the Zips would move the ball, but on the whole the UB defense locked them down.

On the other side the Buffalo offense would find the endzone the next three times they touched the ball. Building their lead to 45-10 by the end of the third quarter.

Down 45-10 Akron rolled off a 7- yard drive which got them to within inches of the goal line, before they fumbled it through the endzone handing the ball back to Buffalo.


There is not a lot to take away from this. Akron is just north of an average FCS squad this year so a big win should be expected by most competent football programs that put in 60 minutes. UB managed a solid 60 minutes, which is more than they’ve done since they played wagner.

If Buffalo can repeat their effort next week they should manage to beat Bowling Green, but the Falcons have been a bit more consistent this year and even have a Big-10 win under their belt.

What to watch

Max Michele was hurt, and UB has already been missing Taylor Riggans. THey are very deep on the defensive ends but it’s starting to thin out a bit. If Riggens and Michelle are back next week it could spur UB to a winning season.