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Bulls during NFL / CFL Camps: Roubbens Joseph

with premission:

Over the next week or two, before we start ramping up our 2017 football coverage, Bull Run is going to be taking a look at all the Bulls who are in an NFL or CFL camp. Some of these players are proven assets and others are long shot tryout players.

We will talk about them all.

First up Roubbens Joseph, who has no contract but is on his way to Baltimore for a rookie minicamp invite.

Joseph’s road to Baltimore is a story of pure perseverance and determination.

He was a gifted prep player, he was so sure of his gifts on the field that he let his work in the classroom slip. That cost him a shot at a division one scholarship.

But Roubbens persevered...

Joseph enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y. after he graduated in 2013. The lack of scholarship, and distance from his native Springfield, meant that Roubbens had to hold down a job for his living expenses, perform well on the field, and finally keep his grages up.

Roubbens persevered...

He received several division on offers after his second season, and he elected to play for the Bulls.

At Buffalo Joseph spend the first two thirds of his Junior year as a depth player, but played so well in that position that he started the last four games of the season.

Then he became a fixture on the line during his senior year, and now the NFL.

At 6-5, 310 pounds he has NFL size, and he has broke down a lot of barriers to get to a mini-camp. Here’s hoping he will persevere a good while longer.