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Bulls during NFL / CFL Camps: Kristjan Sokoli

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Over the next week or two, before we start ramping up our 2017 football coverage, Bull Run is going to be taking a look at all the Bulls who are in an NFL or CFL camp. Some of these players are proven assets and others are long shot tryout players.

Previously we have talked about Mason Schreck, Roubbens Joseph, Jordan Johnson and John Kling. Today were talking Kristjan Sokoli.

Sokoli was a notable 6th round draft choice back in 2017 because the collegiate defensive lineman was drafted as an Offensive lineman. A project pick by Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks.

It was a full circle move for the player who came to Buffalo as an offensive lineman.

After arriving at UB, Sokoli moved to the defensive line full-time. Having played on a unit with Khalil Mack he was overshadowed for a good long while. But during his senior year, he played in the 2015 Medal of Honor Bowl.

He also put up absolutely fantastic pro day. That’s what led Seattle to take him. By the end of 2015 He was on the gameday special teams unit. But despite making the team in 2015 he did not develop enough for Seattle and the Seahawks cut him in last August.

He was picked up by Indy, as a defensive lineman, and by the time last season was over Sokoli had been promoted to the active roster.

Kristjan has all the tools he needs to play in the NFL. Making game day rosters and an Offensive and Defensive lineman is just evidence that his athletic pro-day results at Buffalo were no fluke.

What he needs is for the right situation to pop up. And this year that could be the Colts. Indianapolis is not too deep at end and drafted a defensive tackle in the fourth round.