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Bulls during NFL / CFL Camps: Jordan Johnson

Baylor v Buffalo Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Over the next week or two, before we start ramping up our 2017 football coverage, Bull Run is going to be taking a look at all the Bulls who are in an NFL or CFL camp. Some of these players are proven assets and others are long shot tryout players.

Previously we have talked about Roubbens Joseph and John Kling. Today were talking Slalom, Jordan Johnson.

Johnson is one of UB’s top ten runners of all time, and had he ever been given the reigns to the same degree as James Starks and Branden Oliver he would easily be in the top five.

Branden Oliver and James Starks were “the guy” for the majority of their career. Johnson sat behind Oliver for two years and then did split duty with Anthone Taylor for another.

Last season Johnson put up more than 1,000 yards with an incredible 5.2 per carry and on his career went for 4.96 per carry. The last two UB backs who went on to the NFL careers are both behind Johnson by nearly a half a yard.

UDFA’s have a long way to go if they want to make an NFL roster. At Buffalo, it’s doable.

The Bills don’t have a ton of depth in the backfield, they didn’t draft, and Johnson is the only UDFA that Buffalo pulled in after the draft. Basically it’s Williams and then what? This is the best possible setup for an UDFA.

A good camp should, at least, secure him a spot on the practice squad. Or he could pull what Branden Oliver did with the Chargers, and force his way into the NFL this season.