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Buffalo Bulls vs Bowling Green - Game week press conference coach Mo Linguist

Coastal Carolina v Buffalo Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images
  • Noticing more stacking of “quality” days in practice and more players growing into the system.
  • The State of the program can be seen through the maturation of the season, that the team “connection that stayed strong through adversity” and that the team is building confidence.
  • Talked about the defense not being just the big numbers, but the guys backing the big numbers with great support
  • Red Zone defense practice is a key focus for this defense and applies the principles of the program to this particular opponent.
  • One thing he learned in Dallas, was the depth you needed to make a championship season type run, so the focus is on depth. Seeing what happened with two key linemen out last week showed that’s paying off
  • Max Michel is day to day right now
  • Kevin Marks is ready to go
  • The Bowling Green over Minnesota has given Bowling Green the attention and respect that they deserve from Maurice Linguist and his staff.