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Buffalo’s Defense Steamrolled by Bowling Green

If you had told me Buffalo would score more than 40 points on the Bowling Green defense, and come away as the loser, I would not have believed it. The Bulls faced off against one of the worst offenses in the MAC, heck one of the worst offenses in the Bowl subdivision, and they made that offense look like a national title contender.

From the last series, to literally their last play, the Bowling Green offense dominated the Buffalo defense. While faking a kneel down in victory formation and running is a rather classless thing to do, it still should not have worked. Yet here we are.

It was a crazy game, and fortunately, I was at a kids birthday party so I got to miss most of it.

What’s left for Buffalo this year? Well if they want to Bowl they are going to have to find two victories in their last three games and since they are looking at Ball State, NIU, and Miami I’m not sure I see that happening.

It’s a very good time for a bye week.

At least hoops is starting up soon.