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Best of Bull Run 2013: #13 - The Bruwpeg

With over 1100 articles published in 2013 and so many iconic moments this year, the second annual Best of Bull Run list was even harder to narrow down than last year.

When the weekly "pick 'em" game for football lost it's sponsor, we wondered if the game would lose it's luster. Turns out "I knew it" pride and a winning team made this year the best Bruwpeg of all time.

For the uninitiated, Bruwpeg stands for: Bull RUn Weekly Pick Em Game. For the participants, it stood for mostly the agony of defeat, and to a few the thrill of victory.

Bruwpeg became a place for superstition, some picking 24-21 every week. Some who lost in years past for their refusal to predict a UB loss, were now finally rewarded for their loyalty.

The most interesting twist however, was DB "Jeff Quinn" Burns going on a magical run and winning the 2013 Bruwpeg title.

UB_Dropout came back to win the prize round for picking SDSU in the Boise Bowl. The 2012 champ had a dreadful regular season, but surged when there was a prize on the line, he is a GLORY BOY picker.