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2013 Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game

Long name but great game. If you are a returning veteran, welcome back. If you are new to the game, welcome aboard.

Update 8/30 - The official line on this contest is 34.5 points (in favor of Ohio State in case you were wondering)

The Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game started in 2010 with Jeff Quinn under the helm and many of us had no idea what the season would entail.  I decided to get input, predictions, and have some fun.  I created the Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game.

The game is very easy for  you to compete in.  No entry fee and all you have to do each week before kick-off is leave your prediction on the 2013 Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game thread who the winner is and what each teams points will be.

For example, if you want to enter all you have to do is: Buffalo 42  Ohio State 13.

The veteran pickers do appreciate you in-depth analysis or an amusing tidbit.  Tiebreaker at the end of the year is based on the best/funniest comments when picking.

A little history on this game.  First year was a very heated battle and came down to yours truly and Bull In Exile.  Some call it shenanigans while others call it "clutch"   Coming into the last week of the season, it was a tie after BIE running away most of the season.  BIE sent his picks as late as he could, but not late enough.  BrandedBull decided not to go for the tie but decided to pick the opposite direction.  The plan worked and I have felt like a champion ever since.

The second year was all about Bulls Fan in Chi Town.  BFICT laid a smack down on the BRWPEG (Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game!)  Interesting enough BFICT walked away.  Some call it the pressure, others call it his yearning passion to be alone and paint in the south of France, whatever it was, BFICT decided not to defend his title. Hopefully we can talk BFICT to put down the paint brush and grab the keyboard and come out of retirement.

Last year was one of the most topsy turvy years for BRWPEG.   Calvin looked like he locked down until UB Drop_Out surged and won.  UB D_O won the grand prize last year of two mugs of ChubbyHubbies home made brew at any home game, a firm handshake, and multiple pats on the back side!

Get your picks in now!  Who will be first and how bad does ChubbyHubby have UB beating OSU.

Participant Buff Bulls OSU
12345 10 45
121Merrimac 19 35
Albany_Bull 13 48
Basketbull 14 35
B I E 10 38
BC Bull 13 42
BfloFan4255 17 45
Bleeding Blue 23 21
BrandedBull 16 41
Bullsfan2121 18 60
Bflo Super Fan 7 42
Bull Trojan 20 37
Bullions 17 34
BVFA12 28 24
Calvin 13 45
ChiTown 23 45
ChubbyHubby 23 22
Clodney 24 54
dbburns 28 52
DCA 35 34
Everlast2504 28 24
Harris0179 17 37
Highlander72 0 56
Hokie200proof 38 35
Island Bull 16 47
Jeff Lebowski 22 42
kdahlberg93 27 45
MarkChicago 24 38
mbundt1 7 45
meigs1414 14 35
PittBull1 7 56
Roch Bull 13 72
Sabresfan97 7 41
UB D/O 13 56
UB92 6 45
UBBulls08 24 51
ubbulls98 14 31
Vman 27 38
wearub46 14 28
Zigo230 17 34
Avg. Pred. 18 41