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First Ever Bruwpeg Bowl Winner

Last years champion shows he was no Looking Glass

Well that was a real let down on the field. We did have a Bruwpeg champion!   And wait this years champion did not even enter to pick.  How do you not try to sweep the season Bruwpeg.  What up with that.  What up with that!


The Bruwpeg Potato Bowl Champion is UB Drop_Out.  UB D/O picked SDSU to win and also had UB score correct.  He just did not give SDSU enough points.  Here is Drop Outs prediction:


Drop Out Wins a $25 gift certificate to Mitchell's Tavarn.  This also proves that Drop Out was not a one hit wonder like the Lookig Glass.  Congratulations on the big win.  Althought we all hope you were wrong.

Looking glass - Brandi you're a fine girl (via Porrige hater)