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Best of Bull Run 2013: #19 - Future Bulls

With over 1100 articles published in 2013 and so many iconic moments this year, the second annual Best of Bull Run list was even harder to narrow down than last year.

Kirk Irwin

With the strong senior class, the freshmen did not have as much as an impact as in previous years. Tim however continued to provide top notch recruit information.

If you were taken by surprise by Blake BeanJarrett Franklin or Dubois "Boise" Ross, then you were not reading your ubbullrun, because Tim tracked them down, aggregating the spotty recruit coverage for UB from all the different recruitment sites.

As a result of the booster status of some Bull Run writers, like yours truly, the recruitment stories are left to Tim who works diligently and he has done great work tracking down the 2013 class as it stands. Worried about the talent cliff? Then keep your eyes on the 2013 Recruiting page as we inch closer to February's signing day.