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Future Bulls - Dubois Ross

Bull Run will be running a series on some of the players who are expected to sight a letter of intent to come play football at Buffalo.


Position: Wide Receiver

High School: Central York, York PA

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170

Grain of salt stat: Reports a 4.5 40 time

Origin Story

It's hard to be a stand out receiver in a triple option offense. There is a reason that teams like Navy and Army seldom have true star receivers, because you always have two or three of your backs behind the quarterback. It's rare in that environment to find a player who not only thrives on his team but gains recognition throughout their state. DuBois "Boise" Ross not only played in that system but he because one of the best receivers in Pennsylvania.

By the time his season was over Ross came just one catch short of hitting the century mark. 99 Career Catches for 1,805 yards and 24 Touchdowns.

Ross took an early visit to Buffalo in May and decided early during the season, September, to pick UB over offers from UMass along with Yale and several other FCS schools. Ross is the kind of student who will not only help fill out UB's receiving needs but also pad our GPA.

2013 Prospectus

David Schuemann says the following about Ross

When you look up the definition of smooth in Webster’s dictionary you’ll find a picture of Dubois Ross. This guy comes off the ball like a gazelle with a great head and shoulder fake that corkscrews the defensive back into the turf. He then attacks the ball with his hands away from his body and in one smooth motion hits his top vertical speed. The skill set he possesses is ideal for a slot receiver of corner. It is still hard to believe that Buffalo is his biggest offer. Nothing against the Bulls but this football player has BCS ability. Ross played in a triple option offense but still managed 467 yards and five touchdowns on just 11 catches. - NUC

After the season Ross hit the NUC All American game and turned heads.

I normally look to find different top performers from day to day, but Ross was such a dominate player for the second consecutive day he needed to be mentioned again. He proved to be impossible for the defensive backs to cover one-on-one. Ross is quick off the ball using superior lateral quickness to side step defensive backs in tight man coverage. His strides are long and elegant allowing him to get behind defenders at will. He then proved to have the hands and body control to bring in passes thrown over either shoulder. Not only is he a deep threat but dangerous on short passes in space. Ross is currently a Buffalo commit but he clearly has BCS level ability. He is head and shoulders above the other skilled position players at this NUC event. -- Barry Every

Where does Ross fit?

Offense 1st Team (13 Class) 2nd Team (13 Class)
WR Alex Neutz (SR) Devon Hughes (JR)
WR Cordero Dixon (JR) Ron Willoughby (SO)
WR Fred Lee (SR) Rudy Johnson (JR)

Buffalo has struggled to find depth at wide out. The fall off in production after the first one or two guys is substantial. Next season will have two senior wide outs starting next season. and three of their top six Will be Juniors. If Ross wears a red shirt it's likely that he enters 2014 as a freshman with the potential to be on the two deep.