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Best of Bull Run 2013: #17 - UB Hockey

With over 1100 articles published in 2013 and so many iconic moments this year, the second annual Best of Bull Run list was even harder to narrow down than last year.

If Canisius could get Conacher, imagine who D-1 UB Hockey could recruit.
If Canisius could get Conacher, imagine who D-1 UB Hockey could recruit.

When you position your athletic department, you have the choice between supporting sports that are popular and well represented in the state and the city, or supporting sports that may not be as popular or well supported.

In Buffalo this leads to a Basketball vs. Hockey conversation. Buffalo has the opportunity to be THE Basketball team of the city of Buffalo, something Hockey could never provide as long as the Sabres are in town. However the Sabres are in town and Hockey rivals football in popularity in Buffalo, surely UB needs to sponsor Hockey.

One day the right AD will realize Buffalo needs BOTH Basketball and Hockey, and that with the right investment, the school is positioned to excel in both. A modern arena and the right coach, could help UB pull Basketball stars from New York City. A modern Hockey arena and the right coach could help pull the best hockey players from New York, New England and Ontario.

For now, UB is left with the testament to the strength of grassroots hockey in Buffalo the ACHA Division 1 Club Hockey team. Tim took an interest in the Hockey program early, and they repaid his interest with a stirring double overtime win in the NECHL Championship over the hated rivals from Niagara. This year the Bulls are looking strong again and find themselves ranked #20 at the winter break. UB hockey returns in 2014, and Bull Run will continue to be there as they surge towards a 2nd consecutive NECHL title.