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NECHL Playoffs Semi Finals Are Set

After a night of sitting back and watching UB can start to prepare for Oswego.

UB Ice Hockey

The three through six seeds paired off tonight while Buffalo and Niagara were able to sit back and figure out who they had to face tomorrow.

In the first game of the night #6 Binghamton won a thrilling overtime contest against #3 Syracuse which gave Niagara their answer. The Purps will square off against the Bearcats in tomorrow's early game. That set the stage for the #4 Oswego versus #5 Ithaca matchup. Oswego buried Ithaca but the Ithaca team fought back to a tie with five minutes remaining.

In the end Oswego would overpower Ithaca and will square off with Buffalo in tomorrows late game. So who is Oswego?

Oswego is a great goaltender and perhaps the weakest offense in the NECHL championships. When goaltender Aaron Frohm is on his game they can beat just about anyone in the league but typically they just don't have the firepower on offense to win high scoring games.

It was Frohm who helped force Buffalo to a shoot out in the teams second matchup of the season.

On the offensive side they have Justin Smith and D.J. Mazzoni who can each be dangerous but outside of that there is not a whole lot of scoring depth, just good defense.

Tomorrows winners will face off Sunday in the title game.