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OU vs UB Game Thoughts

via BuffaloBulls.Com
via BuffaloBulls.Com

Heading in to this game, UB Nation seemed to be split. Some thought that this was going to be the week that we turned things around, while others thought that this was just going to be another tough loss. Luckily for all UB fans, this seems to be the week where UB found its stride. Ohio came in with a 4-1 record, and with some decent wins, and the majority of the wins came with a big margin of victory. With that said, lets see who and what stood out to me.


-First credit is due to the offensive line for this game. They not only held up great for Chazz, but they opened up some great holes for Branden Oliver. Sure, Ohio may have been banged up a bit on the D Line, but they took care of business.

-Second, credit to Bo Oliver. The way he runs the ball is inspiring, and should make everyone else on the team want to play just as hard. This guy has a never-give-up attitude and hopefully it becomes contageous, and everyone adopts it. Oliver appears to be on track to put his name in the school record books, and its well deserved.

-Some of the players that stood out to me on the defensive end. Khalil Mack, once again. Steve Means playing through pain, managed to get a sack and put some good pressure on all day. Richie Smith played big all game, and made the play at the end of the game to put it away. Lastly, Cortney Lester with his first career interception. Congrats to him.

-On the offensive side, credit to everyone. No dropped passed. Ed Young with a redemption game, that was great to see. Neutz came up huge at times. Good job all around.


-Not many negatives, but I will say that at times our play calling was not ideal. When we are inside the 2 yard line, with a 1st down, and we have a guy like Bo who was running through people, just give him the ball. Lets not get cute with these reverses, or fade routes. If we are stopped three times in a row, then I am all for a field goal. Other then that, I thought the playcalling wasnt too bad overall. On to Temple!