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Buffalo Offense Explodes against the Bobcats

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It's been more than two years since the Bulls beat an FBS opponent with a winning record. During that stint there were multiple close games, should have won situations, chokes, and drubbings. Jeff Quinn just got his best win as a UB head coach and perhaps the Universities best win since the International Bowl.

The difficult out of conference slate faced by Buffalo left fans without a measuring stick for this years offensive unit. While Brandon Oliver had been impressive Chazz Anderson, the transfer from Cincinnati, has been positively mediocre. Until tonight.

Anderson completed 23 of 39 for 343 yards and two touchdowns. Buffalo got their first solid performance by a Quarterback going back to Jeff Quinn's opening game as UB's coach. Among his biggest Targets was Ed Young.

Young had something of a cloud hanging over him after he dropped two sure touchdowns in week one against Pittsburgh. Today, against the 4-1 Bobcats, Young made it look easy as he caught five passes for 135 yards including a 90 yard strike to tie the game at 31.

Branden Oliver did his part, rushing for 179 yards against an Ohio front that has been severely thinned out because of Injuries. Despite the big numbers Oliver came close to handing the ball, via fumble, to Ohio on the first play of what ended up the Game Winning Drive.

Andre Davis fell on the ball and saved the drive. A drive with three third down conversions and a fourth down conversion that would result in UB taking a 38-34 lead. The 18 play 78 yard drive consumed more than half of the fourth quarter leaving the BobCats with under six minutes to try and retake the lead.

After a big kickoff return the Bulls were able to hold Ohio to a field goal. While the Bobcats would get one last shot but the Bulls would stop Ohio with a sack deep in their own territory.