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Forever A Bull

Buffalo Bulls Professional Football Wrapup

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Khalil Mack: Sports Illustrated cover athlete

This is a cool one, and then we get an article to read, as well.

"Three years later, as a new NFL season begins, the paths of Clowney and Mack have diverged. Mack, a Raider, is an unquestioned superstar. Clowney, in Houston, is a question mark. Were those high school and college years, full of adulation, enabling and the shortcuts made possible by his rare physical gifts, a detriment to Clowney’s development? Conversely, did a five-year grind in anonymity make Mack the player he is today? What’s the difference between a college career that quietly crescendos and one that roars unceasingly? And for NFL teams, is there a lesson to be learned?"

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Hometown love for Baseball alum Tom Murphy

Hands-down the best piece on Murphy I've read.

"More than 1,600 miles away — not quite close enough for her son to reach with one swing of the bat — Kelly Murphy is a proud mama.

"His confidence is the top it’s ever been," she said from Murphy’s Automotive repair shop in West Monroe. "He’s changed his stance and is attacking the ball. Did you see (his 482-foot home run)? And he’s worked very hard on his defense as well.""

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You don't want to miss this catch from Naaman Roosvelt

Khalil has barely started his season, and Naaman has a huge head start on him on the highlight reel.

Buffalo Bulls in the NFL openthread

Training Camp Tuesday - Preseason Wrapup

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Rodell Wigginton drafted into the National Basketball League of Canada

As a Hurley recruit, Wigginton provided an impact role in both of the Bulls' MAC Championship seasons.

Buffalo Bulls in the CFL

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Schum and Crosby working quickly to build chemistry

""We don’t have the luxury of saying it’s going to take a few weeks," Crosby said of adjusting to new punter Jake Schum, who replaced Tim Masthay, Crosby’s holder for the past six seasons.

"It’s got to be good now. We’re gonna be sharp, and go out and do our thing on Sunday. Preparation will take care of that."

Crosby and Schum have been working diligently since Schum arrived in the middle of last week from the waiver wire. They practiced the day before the preseason trip to Kansas City but then had only one live rep in the game."

MLM: Murphy crushes one at Coors

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Matt Weiser cut by the Chargers

Chargers have waived two more players - Bolts From The Blue - Bolts from the Blue — SD Chargers Daily (@SDChargersDaily) September 3, 2016

Means makes the Eagles

There may yet be turnover on the Philadelphia roster, but this is good news for the UB alumnus

Murphy to the bigs!

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It's hard to imagine Means not winning a spot on the basis of his preseason, but you never know. This article gets some good perspective from him while still being less positive on his chances than other places.

Kling to the Bears Practice Squad

How did Means, Schum, and Weiser do?

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Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Naaman Roosevelt is on a record-setting pace

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders’ second-year receiver has caught 62 passes for 877 yards and one touchdown through the CFL team’s first nine games this season.

That puts him on pace for a pair of franchise records — but neither one is the record that most concerns Roosevelt.

"It’d feel better if we could get the win," the 28-year-old product of Buffalo said after Saskatchewan fell to 1-8-0 with Friday’s 33-25 loss to the host Edmonton Eskimos. "I’m just trying to do anything I can for my team. That’s all I want to do.""

Bulls in the NFL: This week's roster moves

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Bengals waive Licata

#Bengals have waived Bennett, Dimanche, Gangwish, Grant, Harris, Hocker, Licata, Luc, Peters, Raven and Tindal. We'll have more on this soon — Cincy Jungle (@CincyJungle) August 29, 2016 Hopefully Licata can use his experience to get the attention of another NFL squad.

MLM - Geltz promoted to Tampa

Oliver injured in Vikings - Chargers game

NFL Preseason - How did Mack, Means, and Kling do?

NFL Preseason: How did Schum and Starks do?

How did Josh Thomas and Sokoli do?

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Khalil Mack and Raiders headed to Vegas?

Can you imagine Mack in Silver and Black... except in the desert? The Raiders have filed a trademark application for the "Las Vegas Raiders" and could be on their way. Of course, San Diego and Bo Oliver haven't moved yet on their "LA Chargers" trademark, so it could all be for naught.

WNW: What are the CFL Bulls up to this week?

Lakso signs with Twins

Minor League Monday: Good August for Murphy, Geltz

Bulls in the NFL Preseason: Jake Schum

How did Oliver, Weiser, and Thomas do?

How did Means, Mack, Starks, and Licata do?

WNW - Roosevelt moves to slot