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Buffalo Bulls In The CFL - Naaman Roosevelt, Ernest Jackson, Drew Willy

Naaman Roosevelt

The Roughriders moved Naaman Roosevelt to the slot back from wide-out and the added options at that spot helped the receiver gather in eight receptions. But until Saskatcehwan manifests some other offensive threat no amount of work by Roosevelt will help the team.

The song remains the same for the struggling Saskatchewan Roughriders | Saskatoon StarPhoenix
The Roughriders boast only one playmaker on offence who is comparable to Elgaard, Fairholm, Narcisse or McCray in terms of an ability to disrupt a defence. That would be Naaman Roosevelt, who caught eight passes for 79 yards on Saturday after being moved from wide receiver to slotback.

Roosevelt is on pace for 1,648 receiving yards over an 18-game regular schedule. In other words, he could very well threaten the Roughriders’ single-season receiving-yardage record of 1,715, set by Joey Walters — the spectacular No. 17 — in 1981.

On the year Roosevelt is fourth in total yards and third in receptions, but has only a single touchdown.

Ernest Jackson

While Roosevelt suffers under the burden of being his team's only offensive threat Ernest Jackson gets lost in the plethora of Ottawa threats. Despite the cramped stat sheet, Jackson manages to make a big impact.

Burris threw TD passes to Ernest Jackson and former New Orleans Saint Chris Williams. After a Jermaine Robinson interception and long return in the dying minutes of the game, Chris Milo kicked a 17-yard field goal to give Ottawa a 23-20 lead. The Redblacks’ defence then came up big by forcing three Mike Reilly incompletions for the win. -- Defend the R

Jake Silas

Also in Ottawa Jake Silas continues to get good press.

Jake Silas is settling into LT very well, and John Gott remains John Gott. Meanwhile, both Mateas and Lauzon-Seguin have been coming along nicely. --Defend The R

Natey Adjei

As the Esk's have gotten healthy they have moved Adjei back to the Edmonton practice squad.

Drew Willy

It's getting to the point where you have to start calling Willy the number two guy in Winnipeg.

Since benching Drew the Bombers have won four games in a row and while I don't think Willy was the root of their problems it's pretty clear the shakeup energized the team. The question is will they come back down to earth this season or will they continue to play so well that there will be offseason conversations about Drew's future?

What will it take for Nichols to shake the No. 2 label? - Winnipeg Free Press
Since Nichols wasn't exactly new to the game, few thought he could rewrite the narrative and be anything other than a relief, change up pitcher for the rest of his career. Even now, with three consecutive wins under his belt, you still can’t find anybody willing to officially name him the No. 1 pivot, possibly because many believe he is playing above his pay grade and will regress to the norm soon. When you've invested in another starter, both financially and emotionally to the degree this team has, these are no longer designations to be trifled with.

The CFL season is long and Drew's first half of his initial Winnipeg season saw him slinging the ball with the best of the league. I still think the potential for a lot of crow eating exists in the Winnipeg fan base, but I'm not as certain as I was two weeks ago.