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Buffalo Bulls In The NFL Preseason: How Did Jake Schum Do?

Jake Schum came into tonights game as the guy who had an inside track to the 53 man roster as Tampa Bay's punter. He and Bryan Anger traded punts tonight, each punting twice. On the evening Anger was slightly better than Schum.

The big difference was a 49 yard bomb that Anger punted from his own 31 yard line.

Tampa Bay Punters vs Jacksonville
4th and 12 at TB 46 - B.Anger punts 44 yards to JAX 10, Center-A.DePaola, fair catch by R.Greene
4th and 12 at TB 24 - J.Schum punts 41 yards to JAX 35, Center-A.DePaola. B.Walters to JAX 37 for 2 yards
4th and 8 at TB 31 - B.Anger punts 49 yards to JAX 20, Center-A.DePaola. B.Walters to JAX 22 for 2 yards
4th and 26 at TB 21 - J.Schum punts 41 yards to JAX 38, Center-A.DePaola. S.Wynn ran ob at JAX 39 for 1 yard

Schum has had several closely contested camps in his career. He was outplaying Ryan Quigley but the Jets opted to keep the punter they had on the roster. This time it's Schum hoping to hold the job against tough competition. Given the fact Schum's salary cap hit is a fraction of Anger's, he could win this battle by playing even with the competition.

The Bucs will be in action again this coming Friday when they take on Cleveland. This may be Schum's last chance to hold off the challenge.