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The Move To Discord

I had hoped to have a much more active “close out” month in September but life being what it is that was derailed by really important things, this is just sports.

In case you don’t know, I lost my Brother to a sudden and unexpected illness. I’m one of seven kids so we all gathered back in Buffalo to say goodbye and be there for his daughter and each other.

Kind of puts perspective on things, no?

So before that came up I had already mostly decided on “where to go” with SBNation deciding that Buffalo fans are not going to have a place on SBNation anymore.

The answer is... not another blog...

Why Not another blog?

In 2009 nobody was writing UB football except the Buffalo news and their coverage was mostly negative. Conrad and I started up sites nearly at the same time without ever realizing it. Honestly, his site was better and if he had gotten traction I might have spent time helping to write for “Eight wins is enough” (Conrad fact check me on the name)

Today there is a lot of engaging fun editorial content, and it’s done by people far better at writing than me. So I feel like, in a way, the need for a “Bull Run” blog has passed. I don’t think my voice adds anything, anymore.

Let’s face it, composition is not my strongest move.

So instead of a new blog, we’re going to discord.

Why Discord

Why discord technically it’s a fantastic platform. Works well on mobile and has a ton of add ons which could help grow the site. You’ll never need to use two factor authentication if you want to contribute and it’ll be a lot easier to throw up pictures and notes from events live if that’s your thing.

It will also be easier for the community to push forward the “sports bar” mentality I was shooting for when I started Bull Run 14 years ago. By allowing you all to create discussion threads and prompts rather than trying to compose a “fan post”.

So October for me is time to hammer down Discord, learn the system, and possibly put some money into the site to add boosts. The free version of discord works, but some of the bells and whistles you get at higher tiers could be very fun.

Creatively I may endeavor to do more on youtube, and bring back the “Blue Bull” videos, but that’s not really going to be a thing until we’re fully gathered on discord.

Here is the link, if you want to join.