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Buffalo Bulls Professional Football Wrapup

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

National Football League

Khalil Mack had a solid game but no sacks. His seven tackles were huge but the story for Oakland was going for two points to take a lead with less than a minute left.

James Starks made Jon Grudens “All Grinders Team” which recognizes the best players in the league who have not been to a pro bowl.

Starks is the best running back in Packers history whom people never hear about. He picks up blitzes, he catches it well -- he can do it all.

Jake Schum has his first week as a packer and played pretty well. He had one so-so punt, late in the game, but aside from that Green Bay looks to have made the right choice.

Canadian Football League

The big news in the CFL is that Drew Willy was dealt from Winnipeg to Toronto where he is, for the time being, backing up Dan LeFevour while Drew learns the system and while Ricky Ray heals up.

Two really good things for Drew here. The first is that Drew has moved to a team and fan base where there is not such a toxic media environment. Winnipeg had become poisonous for him.

The second is that Toronto’s staff really want’s him. They have had an eye on Willy for a few seasons, tried to get him earlier this year, and finally wrested him from the BlueBombers.

Ricky Ray is 36 years old and the staff is talking about Willy as a possible successor in Toronto.

Naaman Roosevelt had an amazing game against Winnipeg.

He passed a thousand yards (1,095) and is just 32 yards out of first. He is clearly the breakout CFL receiver of the year.

Elsewhere Natey Adjei is back onto the gameday roster in Edmonton. He was active against Calgary and registered a tackle on special teams.